Spiritual Health Checkup

Download available: WS Spiritual Checkup-final Fall 2013

Why a Spiritual Health Checkup?

WordServe’s mission is to guide people to grow as joyful servants of Jesus.  But wouldn’t it be nice to know when we’re being successful?  Wouldn’t it be great to be intentional about our growth as a Jesus follower?

The Spiritual Health checkup is an instrument based on WordServe’s Life Marks.  These Life Marks give us guideposts as we grow in faith.  Download the instrument above, take the survey, and tally your results.

You may then wish to pursue your growth in two distinct areas:

  • Cover a weakness: pick an area where your score seemed lower than the rest.  Consult the Studies section to help select a study that might bolster your abilities/knowledge in that area
  • Build on a strength: it’s not always about correcting a weakness!  Sometimes it’s about taking the ways that God has gifted us to the next level.  You may wish to develop an existing strength even further by consulting a resource in an area of strength.

Ultimately, there is no “one-size-fits-all.”  Pray, consult your community group (or trusted counsel), and see where you are on the spiritual journey!

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